Monday, March 28, 2011

Thompson's Station Post Office Changes

Go to www.37179 and learn more about the P.0. Then send an e-mail to Marsha Blackburn via Steve

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  1. The post office direction is just another flag about our country's directions. The United States is getting older — much older. And as millions of baby boomers retire, businesses and government are hitting older Americans with a host of hardships, from benefit cuts to job losses to evaporating retirements.
    Seniors may have helped build the nation, and the Greatest Generation may have thwarted global tyranny, but a changing world is now putting their dreams in jeopardy.
    Watch for examples of how "seniors" are being targeted:
    Drastic measures that could impact seniors:
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    • Rockford, Ill. — a microcosm of aging America
    • How will Obamacare hurt seniors' healthcare coverage
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    • Why the proportion of young will continue to decline
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    • The dramatic shift toward work after "retirement"
    • Japanese in 2050: 41 million fewer — and much older
    • The worldwide surge in older citizens
    • Two agist strategies in economic globalization
    • The "giant feedback loop" affecting global populations
    • China's drive for a young workforce
    • Why older Americans are the new entrepreneurial class